Hello and welcome to my site! I'm a dad, a husband, and a believer in things magical, which is why I love writing children's books.


Billy and the Match Girl is about a twelve year old boy who travels back in time to stop his Great Gran Milly from contracting the dreaded bone disease, Phossy Jaw in a Victorian match factory. Changing history was never going to be easy and my latest book is an adventure with a magical twist!


Echo and the Magical Whispers and Lost Echo are books one and two in THE WHISPERS SERIES, a magical realism about elephants for children aged 9-12. As you may know, the outlook for African elephants is not great, given the poaching that is occurring. The WHISPERS books, written from the elephants' point of view, have a theme of conservation mixed in with the magic with profits going to Elephants For Africa, a registered charity in England & Wales and a registered NGO in Botswana.

Joe and the Ghoul is a magical realism about a modern day Dennis The Menace who meets a Ghoul and steps through a portal in his local art gallery into a world of fantasy (for children aged 9-12). 


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Billy and the Match Girl



12 year old Billy travels back to 1888 to stop his Great Gran Milly from contracting the  dreaded 'Phossy Jaw' in a Victorian match factory.

Changing history was never going to be easy and this latest book by Paul Haston is an adventure with a magical twist!





Shadows run the room, disappearing into the corners like rabbits down a burrow. Windows rattle like they’re tumbled in a washing machine. Except that nothing ever gets washed at Number 43, Lime Street. The floors are black with soot, the walls streaked in grey. “Billy, you’re under my feet,” Ma screeches, leaning to position the towel between the yellow stained window and its sill. I pull a face, wondering why she bothers. The flyover above our roof is a giant in the sky, those beneath it deafened by a thousand car engines, suffocated by fumes that no number of wet towels is going to stop. “It won’t work, Ma,” I say, trying to explain through the din.

I’m met with a smile that is sharp around the edges.

“’Course it will, won’t it, Grandpa?”

Ancient eyes flicker open, like a ghost awakening. “What’s that?” Grandpa says.

“The towels. Keeps the air out, don’t it,” Ma says.

A leg shifts, with a groan. “If you say so, Martha.”

His wink brings out my smile, for perhaps the first time that day. I glance to the patterns of dirt on the window pane, wondering if that’s what gave Grandpa the arthritis: years of breathing in bad air?


JOE AND THE GHOUL is a magical realism for middle grade children. 


Joe Waxon-Ears is an angry kid. Taunted at school for his apparent deafness, this modern day ‘Dennis the Menace’ takes out his anger on his class mates and on his long-suffering mother, before a chance meeting with the Ghoul changes everything. At the Ghoul's insistence, he steps through a portal in the art gallery into a world of darkness. A young princess, Eleanor is being pursued by medieval knights and a series of tests of character ensues as Joe battles the forces of evil, stepping in and out of the portal, with only his wits and the help of Hawklet, a strange, talking bird to assist him. 






Echo is an ordinary elephant with a magical gift. She hears the voices of dead elephants. Long Horn's tusks must be saved from the poachers or a great flood will destroy the land!

Profits from the book go to Elephants for Africa, a registered charity in England & Wales and a registered NGO in Botswana.


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