Hello and welcome to my site! I'm a dad, a husband, and a believer in magical things, which is why I love writing books, both for children and adults.

My books are available on Amazon under my personal imprint, Magic Ink Press. I'm un-agented, but welcoming to an approach for new writing.


Comments/ reviews of my books are gladly received, via email (greateditnow@gmail.com), social media (Facebook and Twitter links are below), or via Amazon!


Happy reading!



Hot off the Press!




Flying with the Spitfires



Caleb knows that the decaying German bunker at Rocquaine Bay on his island of Guernsey is haunted. Samuel Vogel, his arch enemy at school, has told him. But when his Grandpa Bertie hands him a brass ring  that could have saved his Great Grandpa Alfred, a Spitfire pilot, from being shot down during World War 2, and learns of the arrest by the Nazis of his Great Gran Mary, Caleb knows he must fix things. But how?

A coming of age, historical fiction for children aged 9-12



Tinker Tailor Schoolboy Spy


Tinker’s mother works at the local radio factory. Vital to the war effort, she tells him. Apparently, people need radios to listen to Hitler’s armies rampaging across Europe. But that doesn’t explain the mysterious note he finds in his mother’s bag. Nor the appearance of Ola, the girl with the East European accent. And when his sheep dog, Fidget, leads him to strange whirring sounds coming from Hut 8 in Bletchley Park, Tinker knows he must solve the puzzle, with the survival of his world dependent upon it.

An historical fiction for children aged 9-12, based on real events behind the solving of the Enigma code during World War 2.



Billy and the Match Girl

When 12 year old Billy's Grandpa tells him about his Great Gran Milly contracting the dreaded bone disease, 'Phossy Jaw' in a Victorian match factory, he wishes he could somehow change things. 

Long listed for the Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP) 2020 Writing for Children Competition. 



Echo and the Magical Whispers is the first book in THE WHISPERS SERIES, a magical realism about elephants.


Echo is an ordinary elephant with a magical gift. She hears the voices of dead elephants. Long Horn's tusks must be saved from the poachers or a great flood will destroy the land!

Profits from the book go to Elephants for Africa, a registered charity in England & Wales and a registered NGO in Botswana.



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