Magical Realism for Middle Grade Children

Echo and the Magical Whispers

ISBN-10: 1492131199

Echo is an ordinary elephant with a magical gift. She hears the voices of dead elephants. Long Horn's tusks must be saved from the poachers or a great flood will destroy the land. 


First book in The Whispers Series.


A magical realism with an ecological message, Paul Haston's book is a revelation of how fragile our world is. For Middle Grade kids and adults alike. 

Profits from the book go to Elephants for Africa, a registered charity in England & Wales and a registered NGO in Botswana.


Winner of a silver medal at the 2015 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards



Echo, a young female elephant, loses her grandmother, Long Horn to a poacher’s dart, not before she has charged down her attackers. Mary, the poacher’s daughter, is orphaned in the attack and, in spite of the elephants’ antipathy towards ‘Hind Legs’s, is taken in by the herd. When Sage, Echo's mother is subsequently killed by Hadrian, Long Horn’s arch enemy, Echo - now similarly orphaned - is entrusted with the survival of the herd. It is a task for which she appears chosen, for - uniquely for one so young - Echo can hear the magical whispers, the voices of dead elephants. Long Horn's tusks must taken to Elphus, the mystical elephant sanctuary or a great flood will destroy the land.


Lost Echo


The elephant magic reaches even greater heights in the second instalment of THE WHISPERS SERIES!


Echo has gone missing! Mary knows she has to find her elephant friend before the poachers do. But how is this possible in the vastness of the Namib Desert? And who will take her to Africa from sleepy Georgetown?

Profits from the book go to Elephants for Africa, a registered charity in England & Wales and a registered NGO in Botswana.




Life in sleepy Georgetown is humdrum. Mary dreams of elephants, longing to be back in Africa. A 'conversation' with her elephant friend, White Sock reveals that Echo is missing. None of the herd know where she is. And when a television newsflash reports elephants dying at a poisoned waterhole, Mary knows that she has to return. But who will take her? And how will she find Echo in the vastness of the Namib Desert?

"Gramps, you’ll have to sing in ‘Elephant’ or they won’t understand you.” The singing continues. “Or better still, stop singing altogether. You’re hurting my ears!”


Mary, who in her dream imagines herself back with the elephants, her grandpa at her side. Chapter 2.

Magic Ink Press


The Whispers Series is published by Magic Ink Press, the author's personal imprint.



A magical realism for middle grade children. 


Joe Waxon-Ears is an angry kid. Taunted at school for his apparent deafness, this modern day ‘Dennis the Menace’ takes out his anger on his class mates and on his long-suffering mother, before a chance meeting with the Ghoul changes everything. At the Ghoul's insistence, he steps through a painting in the art gallery into a world of darkness, battling the forces of evil with only his wits and the help of Hawklet, a strange, talking bird to assist him. 


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